Rob Liefeld I’d like Ryan Reynolds, he had a new chance, as the Green Lantern corps


During the interview with ComicBook, Rob Liefeld he deplored the fact that Ryan Reynolds haven’t had another chance on the franchise of the Green Lantern corps. The comic book writer even said that I would be more excited by this than that “Deadpool 3“.

“Well, you know what, I would like to see happen? What I would really like to see happen? Ryan Reynolds and interpret a Green Lantern once again. This is something that can inspire more than a ‘Deadpool 3’. I’d love that one more chance would be given to you.”

Reynolds played Hal Jordan in the feature film, 2011, a failure of critics and the public. In the “Deadpool” (In 2016), we even have a joke involving the uniform was created by computer graphics.

The franchise of the Green Lantern corps, continues to stagnate in the theaters, but the TV series is in development at the HBO’s Max.