Salma Hayek launches a campaign to combat domestic violence

The actress is of mexican, Salma Hayek has launched a campaign to #StandWithWomen to help in the fight against violence against women, which has increased a lot in the world because of the pandemic of the coronavirus. She has posted a video in Instagram in which you denounced: “We are refugees in our own homes to protect us from the threat of a Covid, 19th -, and our home is a threat?. It is very important that we can indicate from gender-based violence. We might actually be able to change our voices together and cry out: enough!”.

Salma adds: “If you know of someone who might be experiencing this problem, provide the help without any kind of trial. Remember, the victims need shelter in the first place.”

The campaign to #StandWithWomen is being carried out on the initiative of the brand in Gucci’s ‘Chime For Change, founded by Hayek and Beyoncé in 2013, which will help to fund the organizations that fight domestic violence against women in all over the world. The secretary-general of the Organization of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has urged immediate action to deal with a terrific increase from the global to the domestic violence, adding that it is for a lot of women and girls living in their own homes, it is often the most dangerous.


In Brazil, the complaint, and seeking help can be done over the phone, to 180. Surveys carried out by UN-Women from around the world, and the Brazilian Forum of Public Security noted an increase in violence due to the isolation of the house. The confinement makes it more difficult for the complainant, in addition to grow in our relationship with him.

A tool that can be used as it is, the robot that receives the reports, and it can be installed to send a message to a page on Facebook for the IsaBot.