Selena Gomez gets cooking during the quarantine serves a daily continental breakfast for Max! Find out more


Many people are taking advantage of the quarantine period to explore new talents. Selena Gomez this is one of them. For the lonely, the singer has ventured into the kitchen and put in practice their skills in the kitchen. The idea was so successful that the Service has won her own cooking show on the HBO’s Max. The project will show the cooking and getting the tips of the heads of the reputable via the video call. It will be 10 episodes in total. It’s pretty cool, right?!

Selena Gomez would be a chef if it weren’t a singer

For the Better, the cooking has always been one of his passions, and after singing, and, of course, act on it. Someone has no doubt that it is going to take away from the words?! “I have always been very real about my love for food. I think I’ve been asked several times in interviews about what I’d do if you were to follow another career and have always said that it would be fun to be a chef,” he said in the voice of “Rare” in a press release. “I really don’t have any formal training! Like most of us who are in the house, I realized that I was cooking more, and experimenting with things in the kitchen.”

Make sure you understand the dynamics of the program

In each episode, the singer will be assisted by a chief of a different, and dared to explore new dishes. In addition, a charitable organisation involving food will be featured in each episode. “We are very excited to have Selena Gomez, in our first wave of programming for the HBO, Max and I watched her on an adventure in the kitchen as he tries to improve his cooking skills while in quarantine, as well as for many of us. Mix your determination with the artists ‘ kitchens, first-line, certainly, entreter√° and it is going to educate them on the spectators, something that all of us are trying to work out how to make cooking at home exciting, fun, and delicious,” said the head of the production and the content of the channel Sarah Aubrey.

The program, still untitled, is set to debut between the end of may and beginning of June. Until then, you can go on a playlist disclosed by the Selena and you already get in the mood!