Selena Gomez turns to his boys at the toad in the video for Boyfriend


The production is part of a deluxe edition of their latest album, Rare

Selena Gomez is tuuudo, and more than a little bit, you know? After launching this Thursday (9/4), the deluxe edition of their latest album, Rare, with more than three lanes, to cheer the hearts of the fans the singer has also released a clip of when one of the new songs Boyfriend.

In the clip, she’s got several dates with different boys, but contrary to what a lot of people think that it is not seeking to find the love of your life, you know?! The future of @, is, in fact, turn into a frog, in the highest style of the fairy-tale, you know?” Lol. In spite of the letter, repeating several times that Selena wants a new boyfriend, and she has made it clear that it is not their top priority at the moment.

On his Instagram, announcing the release, the singer has said that the composition was made up long before anything happens. “A boyfriend, it’s not even close to what my priorities are in the world. As well as the rest of the world, and I’m praying for safety, unity, and recovery during a pandemic,” he said. It is well to remember that Selena has announced that it will donate $ 1 from every sale made on your site to the new one to a PLUS1 COVID-19 Fund, a foundation which fights against the new coronavirus.

This is the clip?