Selena Gomez will launch a line of make-up in the highest style of girl power!

The singer was told that it was more than two years for the idea to come out to the light

The people of the earth: for it all! The third album from the Selena Gomez, Rareit is being a success, but it exceeded all of our expectations. In addition, of the 13 of the baphos, the singer has just announced that it will launch a make-up brand, which bears the same name as in production, with no one else, no one other than the owner and Sephora. AAAAA!

We have not yet seen the product, and we have very little information about what is out there, but your social media, Digital gave a spoilerzinho to kill our curiosity! She told me that it has been two years since the idea was born, and that the items are finally being released in summer in america, it starts at the end of June, in the year 2020.

In the video you shared, she talked a little bit about the values that we believe in, and he hinted that the brand will be the good girl, the power, the way it was with the people he loves <3. “To be rare, it's about being comfortable with yourself. I've stopped trying to be perfect. I just want to be myself. I think that is the Rare Beauty that is so much more than just a brand, I want to teach you that you need to stop to compare ourselves to others, and we need to embrace our individuality. A rare beauty is not defined by your photo, followers, or likes. It is not defined the way other people see you. It is all about how you see yourself”

Yes, we send them a hearty welcome! We want to try everything. Now!