Simon Pegg wants to reprise the role in the Clone Wars, The Mandalorian


Simon Pegg I gave all the guys in the new trilogy Star Wars: Clone Warsbut now, the british actor wants to be a bounty hunter in the The Mandalorian. Pegg reminds us that it has dubbed the corelliano Dengar the animated The Clone Wars. Since the characters in the picture (such as Ahsoka Tano, are being held for the first time, Pegg’d like to go back to the paper[via[viaCollider].

If Taika Waititi and Jon Favreau deciding to take a Dengar at The Mandalorian, I have some kind of previous experience in having played him in the Star Wars: Battlefront and The Clone Wars. Just reminding you” said the actor. Pegg also spoke about the case of the Katee Sackhoffwhose the character of Bo-Katan will be within two years of the series Disney+. “I have heard people say that they hired Katee Sackhoff to live in a character that wasn’t in the movie, but that she had given the other a product of the Star Wars universe, so it’s always good to remember”.

Born on Corellia, Dengar is a bounty hunter, who has previously worked with Vader, and Boba Fett, and had small appearances in films. Recently, it has been briefly shown in the With The Rising Fuel (2019), where it is seen that the deformed, after passing through many changes to a web on his body, as a way to extend its life. As the events of the The Mandalorian if you go in before the new trilogy, Pegg would be able to live with the hunter, without the need for masks and prosthetics, facial.

Disney still has not announced a date for the premiere of the new season, but the expectation is that she will come streaming in month of October this year, in the United States.

The first period ended in the United States The Mandalorian you should only get when the Disney application, it is freed up in the country. The story is about a mandalorian bounty hunter, played by Pedro Pascal. In the first of the year, he is faced with the task of delivering an intelligent creature, it is a baby of a race of Yoda’s. If you refuse to do so, he needs to escape and find a safe place for a child.