Star Wars: clone Wars and the Fast and the Furious animate the movie on TV this Sunday


Two great franchises are going to animate the movies, on TV this Sunday (the 24th). One of them is Star Wars: Clone Warswith the Rogue One: the Story of Star Wars: clone Wars, which airs on the Disney Channel until 22 pm

In the first one a spin-off the cinematic saga of old, the story takes place between Episodes III and IV, and shows with the rebels staging the theft of the plans for the weapon, the Death Star.

For me, the greatest saga that is the telinhas it Fast and the Furiouswith the Fast And the Furious: Hobbs And Shaw; the film is part of a session from 22h to the Movies Channels.

The film brings about a story that focuses more on the action of the police officer played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to join the former outlaw red by Jason Statham. They will have to face with a mobster from the technology that has been improved.

Here are some other highlights from this Sunday (the 24th):

Shrek the Third – the Fox | 17: 30

The ogre is more famous in pop culture leaves on an adventure to find the heir to the throne, and he doesn’t want to. However, the poster is a reinterpretation of the King Arthur – don’t know how you can bear such a responsibility.

Escape the Room – HBO | 18h25

Ms. Deborah Ann Woll – Karen Page the series is the Marauder in the cast, the film tackles a game the puzzles among the strangers. However, it is a simple mistake in the challenges of the game, it can be life-threatening.

Jack Reacher: No need to Return – Fox | 19

The former military man of the title, which is embodied by Tom Cruise, comes in in the sequel to face with a conspiracy. It all begins with a strange prison, Major Turner’s (Cobie Smulders).

Men Are From Mars… And It’s What I’m going to Channel the Brazil-19h35

In this comedy, a national focus Fernanda (Monica Martelli), in a female 39-year-old, that is the time for the difficult task of finding the perfect man.

My Friend’s Name – Telecine pipoca | 20

The story brings up the point of view of a dog’s life. The reflection of it comes from his owner, Denny’s (Milo Ventimiglia), who is a race driver.

In the news, you read about the Rogue One: the Story of Star Wars, Fast And the Furious: Hobbs And Shaw, Shrek the Third, Escape, Room, and Jack Reacher: never to Return, and The Men Are From Mars… And It’s What I’m going to My Friend’s Name.

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