Surprise with Mariah Carey. The album “Glitter” available on the streaming service

Surprise with Mariah Carey. The album

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The author of the news: Adriana Olivares / 2020-05-25 15:55:54 pm

Surprise, surprise! Nearly 20 years after its debut Mariah Carey performed on the album “Glitter”. The album is available today on all streaming services.

The album, originally released on September 11, 2001, it was the soundtrack to the film of the Mariah of the same name, in which the artist played the role of Billie Frank, a young singer who struggles against the difficulties of reaching the peak of music.

Unfortunately, due to the grief attack on the World Trade Center), reviews, and bad reviews from the media “Glitter” turned out to be a failure, however, which has the contract for an innovative Her with Virgin Records, and is considered to be one of the primary reasons for his emotional breakdown in public. .

Most recently, “Glitter” again “starred” thanks for the fan Mariahtogether with the action of #JusticeForGlitter. The drive was still able to get to the number one spot on the iTunes incl. in the United States. Thanks to the publicity gained, the fans not only showed how much you liked the sound of this release, under-recognised, but also their own Her he admitted that he has changed his mind about “Glitter”which up to now were associated with a difficult period in his private life.

Unofficially, it is said that the Mariah he bought the rights to the album, as evidenced by the signature “In 2001 Mariah in Spotify.

The album “Glitter”with songs such as “Loverboy” or “Never Too Far” in its entirety, can be listened to below.

Mariah Carey played the song “Through The Rain” and The “Make It Happen” when you live by. The performance was part of the “Rise Up New York!”

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