Taylor Swift donates$ 1 million to the state of the us after being 05/03/2020


Taylor Swift-if that was the tornado that hit los angeles in the United States, at the beginning of the week, and has donated US$ 1 million (approximately us$ 4.6 million) to the state of Tennessee according to information from the portal E!News.

The singer also took the opportunity of his influence and have used their social networks to ask for even more help on the situation.

“Nashville is my home, and the fact that so many people have lost their homes, and much, much more in the heart of Tennessee, this is kind of heartbreaking for me,” he wrote to Taylor in the Stories of the Instagram.

“I have made a donation to the Fund in Response to the Emergence of Middle Tennessee. If you want to make the same slip-up,” said the artist.

Taylor Swift makes a donation after a tornado-in-Nashville - Playback/Instagram

Taylor Swift makes a donation after a tornado in los angeles

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

With the passage of the phenomenon, the american state has killed at least 22 people, caused the destruction of about 40 buildings and it left many people without power.