The children of Brad Pitt and Jolie to study in a traditional school


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, have reached an agreement on the ‘classical education’ for their children, as part of the agreement, custody of the children, according to he revealed in the new issue of US Weekly magazine.

Sources have told the publication that a traditional education is not something that an actor of a 56-year-old ‘I have been insisting that the therapist and child are also recommended.

“Brad wants the kids to be in a school setting, and is not to be isolated, to be raised in the house,” he said.

The decision as to whether to apply to the five youngest children of a couple People, of 16 years, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 13, and twin 11-year-old, Vivienne, and Knox.

Diamond, 44-year-old and Pitt, and also share a son, Maddox, 18 years old, a student at the University of Yonsei in Seoul, South Korea.

Currently, Maddox is at home with his family in the midst of the multi-coronavirus-in-progress, where he focused on studies in chinese and Russian, and to the re-opening of the school’.

“Angelina keeps the kids in a routine, and waking them up early every day and starting your homework shortly after that,” added the source.

Jolie has recently confirmed the arrival of the Maddox in the United States was not permanent, and that he would have to return to Korea as soon as the crisis in health care spending.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the choice of the university for a Maid,” she told the news source in south korea, according to People magazine. “It is, of course, which is closed at the moment due to the pandemic. But it is not transferring to another school. He will be back as soon as things calm down,” he said.

The artist, who is best known for his social commitment, he has helped in the fight for the Covid-19, by donating US$ 1 million ($5 million) to The Kid Hungry, an organization that distributes meals to children who rely on school meals.

“As of this week, more than a billion children are out of school around the world due to closures related to the coronavirus. The children depend on the care and nutrition they receive during the school day, including nearly 22 million children in the United States. The Kid’s Hungry, has been making efforts to reach the largest possible number of children,” said the actress in a statement to the official.