The father of the actor, and Disney died in July, said she spoke to the child in a dream


The father of the star of Disney’s and Cameron Boyce, who passed away in July of this year, and have been thrilled with the fans of the actor to tell him about a dream he had with his son. In a post on Instagram, he talked about a conversation, well worth the two had, and he has received messages of affection for them.

Along with the photo of Cameron on the sidelines of the recordings for Disney, he wrote: “last night I had my dream and be more realistic with Cameron until today. It was a lot like those blurry images. I told him that I thought he was dead, and I was very happy to see him. I woke up devastated that it’s just a dream come true.”

His followers responded with messages of affection and regret. Many have written that the actor will always be with his fans and to his family, others shared their own personal experiences with dreams, including those of their loved ones.

“It was you in the dream,” wrote one follower. “In my culture, in the belief of my family… you know, when we dream of our loved ones who have been… that means that they have come to visit us,” said the other.

Cameron passed away on Tuesday, July 6 at the age of 20 years old, suffering from a seizure while he was sleeping. Second, the family was informed at the time of the seizure was a result of an epileptic condition.