The husband of Kristen Bell, stated that he was addicted to sex and Today’s


Data analysis expressions (Dax Shepard, her husband of american actress Kristen Bell was recently interviewed in a podcast from Dr. Phil, just to make a confession that is unexpected about her past. The actor has revealed that, at the time he was addicted to sex.

“I had something that could not be classified as an addiction to sex when I was younger”it started to speak. “Not that you’ve needed to seek some kind of treatment, but that he did have sex with a lot of people liked it. There had been no sickness, and I was single”to the united states.

That you have not resorted to any course of therapy, such as Dax says at one point, he was concerned about the situation. For a time, and after discussing it with a girlfriend in his life, he felt the need to have sex.

“I turned off the phone, I was driving, and I was so excited. I was so excited, and I decided to turn into a girl, but I thought it was that behavior that is questionable: that he was losing control of the situation?”, he said.

However, now the actor has spoken about the reality of things at a distance, and living in a relationship, happily on the side of the Bell, with whom he has been since 2007.