the model of the mexican-appointed as the leader of the assassins is found to be dead


Photo: Repdodução

The model in mexico, Claudia Ochoa Felix, was found dead in his apartment in the city of Culiacan, Mexico, last Saturday (the 14th). Known as the “Empress of Los Antrax”, Claudia has been recognized as the leader of a group of assassins linked to the Sinaloa Cartel.

According to the police, were not found signs of violence on the body of the old. The cause of death was found to be poisoning by a drug or alcohol abuse.

Claudia was well-known in social networks through similarity, with the advantage of the north-american Kim Kardashian. After posting photos of weapons on the model, has been recognized as the leader of a criminal organization. She was the wife of a drug dealer, well-known in Mexico.

After the death of her husband, and Claudia, would have been involved with the group leader, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, who had the command of the group after the arrest of Rodrigo, in the year 2013. In spite of the rumors, and Claudia has always refused to lead a criminal organization, and it came with the delete, the photos that appeared with a weapon.