The pope announces a “year” to reflect on the preservation of the environment


Pope Francis today announced the signing of a “special” time to reflect on the need to protect the environment, and on the fifth anniversary of the publication of his encyclical letter “Laudato si” on the issue.

This special program will end on the 24th of may, 2021, and is intended to draw attention to “the cry of the Earth, and of the poor,” according to the announced today that pope john paul ii after the prayer of the Regina Coeli which replaces the Angelus marian during the period of easter.

“I invite all people of good will to come together to take care of our common home, and our brothers and sisters, the most fragile,” he said.

The program will include initiatives such as seminars, workshops, meetings, and also to the awards, which is organised by the Church for the Service of the Integral Human Development, “said the coordinator of the Ecology sector of the population, Joshtrom Kureethadam, the portal for News from the Vatican”.

The priest expressed their hope that this special anniversary of the encyclical “can be converted into a time of grace, in order to re-route in the world.

“What impressed me with the coronavirus, it’s that we can’t go back to our old way of life, but we must make the world a more just, equal and fraternal, and the most sustainable too,” he said.

In his view, the pandemic has “made it clear that the weakness of the people, but also the interconnectedness and interdependence” of the earth, showing how important the solidarity among the people in order to face the challenges of the future.

Joshtrom Kureethadam said that the initiative with the participation of hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals, highlighting the forum’s “saving san Francisco”, postponed to November, due to a coronavirus and that it will bring together young economists and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

This “special” will end in may 2021, with an international conference, which has more details.

In the context of this year’s activities on the environment and sustainability issues, pope Francis has released a special prayer in which he asks for the needy, the poor and the vulnerable “during these difficult times,” and calls for “solidarity” to face up to the consequences of the pandemic.

“It helps us show solidarity and creative when faced with the consequences of this global pandemic, it does make us brave to accept the changes that are necessary for the good of all. Now, more than ever, we feel that we are all inter-connected and inter-dependent”, he appealed to the pope in their prayers.

Francis was chairman of the Regina Coeli, from the interior of the church, though, for the first time in nearly three months, st Peter’s square, the escutassem some of the faithful, given that Italy is currently in the process of desconfinamento from Monday to Friday.

However, at the end of the lord’s prayer, and the pope showed up, as usual, at the window of the Palace, to sprinkle the faithful there.

At the global level, according to a report of the news agency AFP, the multi-covid-19 has caused more than 342-thousand people dead and infected more than 5.3 million people in 196 countries and territories worldwide.

More than two million patients have been deemed cured.

In the Uk, were 1.316 people in the 30.623 confirmed to be infected, and there are 17.549 cases that recovered, in agreement with the Directorate-General of Health.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus found in the end of December, and in Wuhan, a city in central China.

After the eu must have happened to China at the epicentre of the pandemic, in February, on the american continent came to be the one that has the greatest number of cases reported more than 2.4 million, as compared to two million in europe), although there is less death, more than 142 thousand, as against more than 173 million).

To combat the hiv pandemic, the government sent him home to 4.5 billion people-more than half of the world’s population), can paralyze entire sectors of the world economy, in “the great confinement” that in a number of countries have started to ease in the face of the decline of new contagions.