The pope is supporting the catholics of China to their hopes and challenges.”


The pope was speaking to catholics, the chinese, on the day that is celebrated in this landlocked nation in south asia, on the feast of the blessed Virgin Mary, venerated in the shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai, china.

“We rely on the guidance and protection of our blessed Mother in Heaven to the shepherds and faithful of the Catholic Church in that country, so that they may be strong in faith and secure in the fellowship, the testimonies of happy and the promoters of the charity, and hope,” the Pope said.

Francis assured the faithful chinese catholics that they are “an integral part” of the Church, and that she is “sharing hope and support in the challenges of” crossing, and then sent a “blessing”special.

The Pope was speaking after the prayer of the Regina Coeli which replaces the Angelus in the season of easter in the speech, presided over the inside of the church, and not from the window, as it has done for the multi-covid-19 in order to avoid the crowds.

However, this week, some of the faithful came to St. Peter’s Square for the first time since the start of the desconfinamento, on the 18th of may, leading to the end of the pope at the blessing, and in the end to be greeted with a thunderous applause.

San Francisco also asked for the intercession of the blessed Virgin, in the name of all the people who in this difficult time, and in every part of the world, who work with passion and commitment, for peace, for dialogue between nations, in the service of the poor.”

Also, for those of you who are striving to protect the environment, and the victory of mankind over all the ills of the body, the heart and the soul.”

The second Vatican council of the people’s Republic of China is in the process of a thaw in their relations, interrupted since that of Mao Zedong in 1951, he drove to the appointment, and he created the Patriotic Church, Catholic, to be dependent on the Communist Party.

The two countries signed in September 2018 at the latest, an interim agreement with the description on the nomination of the bishops, was the main reason for the conflict between the two countries.

A deal criticized by some catholics who, for years, denounced the repression of the government, the believers and those who refuse to submit to the control of the communist.

On the 14th of February, there was a historic meeting between the minister of Foreign affairs of China, Wang Yi, and secretary for Relations with States of Vatican city, archbishop Paul Richar Gallagher, in the framework of the Security Conference in Munich, Germany.

The ministers of Foreign affairs have renewed “the willingness of people to continue the institutional dialogue at the bilateral level, to promote the life of the Catholic Church, and the well-being of the people” in chinese.

This approach is also reflected in the crisis of the coronavirus, with remittances, each other medical.