The priest of st. Anthony the Adventurer, is found dead in a country road next to the Playground (MG) | Zona da Mata region


The team of the state Police, and the Military found them on Monday (the 18th) on the body of padre Antonio José Gabriel on a road in the rural area between the Playground and the st. Anthony of Padua.

The end of the 72-year-old, who had been in san Antonio for the Adventurer, had been missing since Sunday (the 17th). And, according to the civil police, was the victim of a latrocínio.

Delegate Mark Pallavicini, of the Civil Police of the além Paraíba city, told the 1 that is, the father’s body had signs of strangulation.

According to the commissioner, according to the report of the suspect in the murder of the crime, a 21-year-old victim was killed at a motel in Pirapetinga, after it has been stolen by the man who took her to the car, personal belongings and money of the victim.

The body has been abandoned on a road in neighborhood just next to the Playground. In accordance with the orders of Santiago, of the Police, the car of the priest was to be found in Pirapetinga, after the military crawl, the signal from the cell phone of the victim. The vehicle was located and the 21-year-old, along with the possessions of the religious life.

According to the police report (b), in a statement to the police, the boy confessed to the authorship of the crime. A man, 30 years old, and a boy, 17, were arrested and taken to the police Station, Police on suspicion of involvement in the crime, however, was released after the testimony.

The Police said that the stolen money has been replaced by the drug in a mouth of smoke in the area. Another young man, 20 years old, he was trapped by the fencing of the mobile phone of the priest. The two were taken to the prison of Matias Barbosa.

They will be analyzed in the images of the cameras that are going to assist in the completion of the investigation. The action of the search for the victim was attended by many civil and military police from the 4th to the Region.

With the assistance of the Civil Police reported that the body was taken to the medico-Legal Institute in los angeles for the conduct of autopsy.

Father Anthony began a career in the Parish of Santa Rita de Cássia, in Addition to France, and worked in the towns and cities of the Zona da Mata region.

He was a retired professor from the Institute of social Sciences (I), of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), brazil, where he was a managing director.

The catholic Diocese of Leopoldina, the University issued a note to weigh in (See below).

A note from the catholic Diocese of Leopoldina

“The priests, religious brothers, religious sisters, members of the family of Fr. Gabriel and the entire People of God of the diocese of Leopoldina!

We are living in a time of great sorrow in the journey of our Church. I get the news of the tragic death of one of the priests of the diocese, Fr. Gabriel. I think of the words of Jesus to Peter: “I have prayed for thee” (cf. Lc 22,32), and I know that God will, by the hand of appreciation to Our Lady will never abandon his son, the beloved.

The newly-sworn into office at the diocese, I did not get to miss out on their lives, but I feel a great sorrow for his death, sudden and violent.

Solidarizo with the family, and the People of God of st. Anthony the Adventurer and all of his many, many friends. In particular, the manifesto of my feelings, to the priests of the diocese, the brothers and sisters of Fr. Gabriel, who wringing their hands over this news, so many lives.

I am grateful to God for the many works of Fr. Gabriel, for all that he was as a person and as a father. Due to their specific features and merits, which, of course, far outweigh their limitations and weaknesses.

We are in the easter season, I invite you all to meditate on the mystery of the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and we renew our confidence and trust in the mercy of God, which is the greatest treasure, that which he received, and we are to proclaim at all times and in all circumstances of the case.

“At the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, with great sadness, announces the passing of former professor and director of the Institute for Human Sciences, Anthony Joseph, and Gabriel. He has been a professor in the department of the study of religion since 1978. He was the director of the I from 1994 to 1998. He was retired, and he was a priest in the city of Adventure, close to Pirapetinga. Your ticket for the UFJF, brazil has been remarkable, and his death causes all of us a deep sense of loss.”