The Reality led by Sabrina Sato returns to the air in a new time – 22/05/2020 – Illustrated


The next phase of the “Sunday Show,” debuted in march and was soon discontinued. But the more important, as it was all recorded and is now going to be aired on the night of Saturday, the reality of the competitive “Made in Japan”. This is the Portuguese version of a japanese success story, presented by Sabrina Sato. Finally, we’ll find out which one out of the ten participants in the famous, in many areas, has won the prize of R$ 500 thousand per year.

The Record, 22: 30, 10 years ago

The school of Technology

An orphan who was trained to become an assassin, pretends to be his own death, in order to lead a normal life. Comedy
the action is unheard of in broadcast TELEVISION, with Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Alba, and Samuel L. Jackson.

The globe 0h42 14-year-old

The Gardener’s True

Based on the book by John Le Carre, his first film in English by Fernando Meirelles (City of God) was with Rachel Weisz with the Oscar for supporting actress. Ralph Fiennes is also in the cast.

Film & performing Arts, 22h, 14 years old

Race and Redemption in

An activist in the black (Taraji P. Henson, the series is “the Empire”), and a leader of the Ku Klux Klan (Sam Rockwell, the film’s Three More, for a Crime”), form an unlikely alliance in order to decide the future of
the school is in a town in the southern part of the United States of america.

HBO, 22h, 14 years old

Remember it IS a TV

Announced for the 25th of April, and then cancelled, is finally going to air the issue on the Leticia Sabatella, who is a supporter of the left. The program recovers to an interview given by the actress to José Maurício Machline, in 2002, the now-defunct “just in case” in the VAULT.

TV canada, 20: 30, free

Through the Shadow,

Has been hired to take care of the nieces and nephews of a wealthy farmer (Domingos Montagner), a school teacher (Virginia Cavendish) begins to see ghosts and discover secrets. The thriller, directed by Walter Lima, Jr. based on the book by Henry James.

A channel of Brazil, 21h20 14-year-old

The Experts

A special agent (Jason Statham) recruits his old team to rescue his mentor (Robert De Niro), kidnapped by his worst enemy (Clive Owen).

A&E 20: 30 16

With No Limits

This telefilme the first is a girl, the victim of the bullying (Madison McLaughlin, from the series “Arrow”), he decided to take revenge on the colleagues.

Lifetime, 20h20, 14 years old

Disney Online

App Disney Junior Play is released free of charge, various games, and tv shows such as ‘Mickey’ and the ‘Muppet Babies’.

In the channel, Marvel COMICS, Brazil, on YouTube, has just released its debut, the series of the short film ‘Marvel’s the Adventures of the superhero’.

The platform for the Disney Magical Moments it offers content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and Nat Geo.