The reconciliation is confirmed? Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott to put together a family

Theo’s fans who believed in the reconciliation between the Case Effects and Travis Scott, they now have reason to celebrate. Two months later, it was announced that the couple would have terminated the relationship, they are seen together at the end of the week with the family.

The rapper was joined to the family of O for a weekend in Palm Springs, california. This was the home of the Kris Effects and we celebrated the Day of the The action Thanks to the socialite and the daughter of both of them, the little Stormi.

The ex-couple was even ‘caught’ by the paparazzi while having a good time with the other members of the clan at a local casino.

“Kylie and Lisa were always together,” says a source at the site is Up. News.

Below is a video that shows the two of them together:

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Kylie and Travis today at a casino near Palm Springs, california

A publication is shared by the Case Effects News@kyliesnapchat) on the 29th of November, 2019 at 10:24 am PST

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