The six films in the hidden in the software that you need to watch it


The range of films available to you in the context of the streaming it is common for some productions to be hidden from the public. On the other hand, a search might be to hide the content valuable and that they deserve to be seen. For this reason, we have separated the six great films that you may not have seen it, to rush and see it now.

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Welcome to the Marly Gomont

A scene from Welcome to the Marly Gomont

The exciting, long-comes with Seyolo Zantok, a doctor who moves to a small village in france for the family to escape the dictatorship in the Congo (drc). However, the culture shock of being in a place where there are no black people reserve a lot of surprises for the family. Mixing the drama with bits of comedy, the film brings to the surface, in discussions such as racism and acceptance.

Where to watch: Netflix

Life in and of Itself

a scene from The Life

Starring Antonio Banderas, Oscar Isaac, and Olivia Wilde, the drama follows the relationship of a married couple going through the different decades and different continents. While the plot roams the streets of New York city, and in Spain, a landmark event that creates a link between different people, and the love story of this couple.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime


Scene in contempt of court

Starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams, is the low number of Ronit, the daughter of a rabbi is orthodox, he returns to his home town after the death of his father. She is caught between duty and the desire to find an old friend from childhood, for whom he feels something more than simple affection.

Where to watch: HBOGo

Listen to the Soundtrack

Scene for the Soundtrack

In the story, and the photographer, Chris, inhabited by Selton Mello, who travels to a research station, polar is occupied by the four scientists. At the site, he intended to use in a photo project to play back at the images, the feelings caused by the music. In any case, their presence will shake up the daily routines of scientists, with discussions on life, art and love.

Where to watch: Movies to Play


A scene from the movie Samba

Samba (Omar Sy) is an immigrant from Senegal who lives in the past 10 years in France, and since then it has been in the country at the expense of the jobs are small ones. Alice (Charlotte Gainsbourg), is an executive experience that you have suffered as a result of exhaustion due to work stress. While it is possible to obtain the documents needed to get a job worthy of her, she tries to put the health and life on the road, with the destination to determine if they will be together in search of common ground.

Where to watch: Globoplay

Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene

A scene from the movie Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene

Tormented by painful memories, Martha (Elizabeth Olsen) decides to escape from the religious cult in which she lives, where she is known as Marcy May. She struggles to resume her life at the home of Lucy (Sarah Paulson), her older sister, and Ted’s (Hugh Dancy), her brother-in-law. But repeated nightmares about past abuse makes their recovery difficult. Secluded, Martha, and develops a paranoia and you will come to believe that you’re being followed constantly.

Where to see it: Looke

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