The US decided to bar foreign nationals with the recent passage by the Brazilian


The u.s. government announced on Sunday, the 24th, the ban on the entry of foreign visitors are from Brazil. The threat to restrict flights coming from a Country that has been mentioned publicly by the president and vice president, to Donald Trump, as of the end of April.

The measure, announced to the bar to aliens who have been in canada in the last 14 days. The restriction shall be from 23: 59 hours in the time is in New York, on the 28th of may. Also you can enter the country and those who have permanent residency status in the U.S., in addition to the spouses, children, and brothers and sisters in the u.s. and a permanent resident. Foreign nationals holding a visa-specific, such as those that represent other countries will also be excluded from the restriction.

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The Trump is considered to be the primary ally of the international president, Jair, jair bolsonaro, and it has avoided the criticism that are open to the brazilian, but he made it clear in recent weeks that there might have been saved to the Country. “I don’t want people coming in and infecting our people,” he said on Tuesday night, when Brazil surpassed the mark of a thousand deaths that day covid-19.

The downward pressure on the u.s. government to adopt restrictions on the arrival of the brazilian has grown in the last week, while the situation in Brazil has worsened, and went on to be featured in the international press. In Brazil it is considered to be an epicentre of the pandemic, with a history of rapid growth in cases, as in the USA go to a process of re-opening, cost-effective internal controls for the first wave of the outbreak, which has left more than 1.6 million of the infected, and nearly 100 million dead in this country.

At present, there are 13 flights per week operating between the two countries, six of which are in Florida as your destination, and the other seven to the united states. Only to Realise I had the 49 weekly trips between the two countries. With the restriction on the entry, then the business may continue to operate the routes, if you want to, but for the passengers that would fit in the measure, will not be able to enter the united states. The tendency, therefore, is that the number of flights will be further reduced.