The video shows the awesome moment between a man and a lion goes viral


At the end of the week, animalista, Dean Schneider was impressed with the Instagram to share a video of an awesome moment at the side of the lion. The young swiss-resident in South Africa, which is dedicated to saving and caring for injured animals.

In the recording, in which the cat lies on his side, and licks it as if it was just a cat, and Finally she explained about the importance of these animals to give to the act of socializing.

“The socialization is critical for the Lions. Because they live in large groups need to maintain a great relationship with each other to keep the group together! Basically they do it all with a group hunt together, eat together, play together, protect each other, and to take care of the babies and one another! Physical contact, and licking (cleaning) are a way of socializing with each other,” he wrote.

Check it out: