The workout, from Chris Hemsworth to film ‘the Extraction’ which all of us can do it at home, It


The australian Chris Hemsworth it is the star of the The Extraction — in the Uk What a Rake-Operation to the Rescue the new film from the Sam Hargraveavailable in Netflix. Hemsworth is in What a Rake, a soldier of fortune hardened, which is to be sent to Pakistan on a mission to rescue the son of a baron of the drug from Mumbai, who has been kidnapped by a criminal gang.

The character of the Hemsworth you have to fight against soldiers in the service of the corrupt, by general location. There are 117 minutes of pure adrenalin, with a lot of the action scenes at the end of the first act, we see an 11-minute chase and fight hand-to-hand in between the balconies, the roofs, and the labyrinth city, set up as if it were a single, flat sequence, and the shots are epic but when the actor jumps from one of the largest waterfalls in the Pacific.

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