Virtual Tour of growth for the world and for the quarantine


In the midst of a pandemic, governments and tourism companies have taken to the virtual tour as it is a strategic solution to entertain and encourage social distancing. By means of the web sites and channels on the social networks, it is possible to visit museums, zoos and even safaris, african.

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The VALLEY BANNER, 1500x1250

In the image below that illustrates this case, the robot is a stand-alone RakuRo walking through the Zoo of Chiba, Japan. Temporarily shut down the zoo and has done events for the guests. The robot ensures that an image of 360 °.

A conversation with native speakers

In Finland, the travel agency in the country, launched a project called “Adopt-a-Finnish”. During the broadcasts, in online, travelers are able to talk with and learn from native speakers. Just go to the page in the “Visit Finland” in Facebook.

On safari in the african continent, the tour of south africa And Beyond will exhibit the daily rate of the native animals of the savannah. It is possible to ask the questions that will be answered by a live guide on the tour. The link to the safari