After the end of the relationship with Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson, shows up for kisses with the rapper, G-Eazy; check it out!


Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne have ended the relationship for two years and recently… and it looks like the queue is walked in! On Thursday (the 14th), the hollywood actress of “Pretty Little Liars” has been seen kissing with G-Eazy. According to JustJared, the rumours are already circulating that the two were together.

The new couple was spotted kissing in a car in the Los Angeles area. A video was circulating on the social networks please click here to check out. Both of them were out with some friends while they took the food in the restaurant. He was waiting in the car with a friend of mine, while G-Eazy was in the car with a friend. After picking up their orders, the group went to the home of hip hop music.

According to People magazine, the relationship between the two is just a “case”, and that He would be trying to “overcome the end” with a Guy. Previously, the photos of you two doing some shopping in a market that is already existing on the web, and it would have been done at the end of the week. In response to the discreet, the actress likes to post to Instagram from a fan who said: “You can’t tell me that they are dating for the sake of enjoy, and some of the comments. Ashley can’t be friends right now? GLAD TO SAY THAT HE HAS BETRAYED HER! OR THE WAY YOU LIKE! They just need the friends now more than ever!!!”.

Recently, He and G-Eazy have collaborated on a cover of the song “Creep” from Radiohead was released on the 21st of April. The People says that the relationship between He and the Guy that came to an end at the beginning of April, and since then, the two of you are going to quarantine it with your friends. “The guy, and He’s always had his ups and downs before, but now it has come to the end.”revealed an insider to the publication. A source close to the former couple also said that the two of them lived all the things that they had to live with. “The relationship is one of them just went on with his journey”he said.

Think back to the relationship of a Guy and a Dildo

Delevingne has become the public’s relationship with Ashley in June last year, with one post, good looks on the Instagram. The model has shared a video giving a kiss his girlfriend – who, it turned out to be a scene from the movie “Her Smell” that they knew each other, and to play opposite the joints. The she also used the hashtags #PRIDE, in celebration of Pride month, LGBT+.

Since then, they have appeared together several times, and played out stories and hilarious (and hot), but more importantly, they were all praising each other. “It’s one of the people who helped me when I most needed it, and I really needed it. She has shown me what true love is and how to accept it, and that it is a lot harder than I thought… and I love Sprinkles”, let go of the artist to Margo, in a City Paper when you get the Hero Award at the TrevorLIVE Gala in June this year.

Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne exchanged many compliments in interviews and on social media. (Photo: Getty Images)

There were even rumors of a possible engagement, in addition to the speculations regarding the marriage of the two. In December, hackers broke into the Twitter of the Guy and posted what the two of you had ended your relationship. However, it was denied by this shortly after. But it is now official, and each and every one to follow his path. Torcemos to make them look good!