Demi Lovato commented on a photo of Anitta Gui de Araújo, and the fans have speculated: a – 25/05/2020


Fans of Demi Lovato and Anitta were abuzz on the afternoon of this day, when the american singer said that the publication of the funkeira-brazilian.

The sequence of photos, published by Anitta, it appears to be on the side of her boyfriend, the influencer, and the presenter’s Gui of taste. The two of them are in bed with the artist, in the most eyes. Among the hundreds of comments from fans and friends world-famous Demi caught my attention.

The comment left by the artist in the u.s. and of itself, was simple: the many emojis of a fire, due to hot picture posted on the social networking site. However, a lot of people began to see the possibility of such a feat between the two of them.

“I want a feat to come!”, he said one web user. “Since we are friends, you could very well burn together, right dear?”, he asked the other. “You can imagine that you can get away with a feat of these for my dad,” I said, um, excited at the prospect. There were even claims that Demi had participated, via live broadcast, the program “Anitta Inside of the House, which was shown by her during the years.

The program’s debut, who came to singer Katy Perry.

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