“Drive-in” to the Comic-Con kicks off in June with a free in-house movies for the week – the Observer


At Comic-Con, hosted film screenings the drive-in free of charge, which will take place on the first weekend of June, in the Municipal Garden of Oeiras, with a different film each night, allowing participants to attend to the inside of your car.

The “project Drive-in, Comic-Con Portugal, Sessions must lie at the root of the the concern with the maintenance of a safe distance, given the current context of the multi-Covid-19.

The film screenings are scheduled to take place from the 1st to the 7th of June, and on the basis of 20, in the Municipal Garden of Oeiras, district of Lisbon, it was announced by the organization.

On Friday and Saturday (5th and 6th of June), there will be sessions on the double, and it is possible to watch two movies in a row.

This event is free of charge, subject to a reservation, open to all ages and kicks off on Monday, featuring the movie, “My Spy”, ” Peter Segal.

On the 2nd of June, you will be presented with the most recent film by Quentin Tarantino, “once upon a time in… Hollywood.

On Wednesday, the you will be able to watch the film in south korea, “the Parasites”, Bong Joon-ho, the winner of this year’s edition of the academy awards, who took home the statuette for best film, best director, best international film and best original screenplay.

Then, on day 4, the horror movie, “It’s”and 2″.

With the arrival of Friday comes the first double session of the programming, which includes the films “La La Land” by Damien Chazelle, with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, and the film “Brightburn: the Son of The Evil one.”

Another double session will take place on Saturday, with the presentation of the film “Spider-Man: Away-from-Home” and “John Wick is 3”.

At the close of the week the drive-in the organization offers “After hours”, Jenny Gage, a little north-north-american-based on the novel of the same name, aimed at a younger audience.

To participate in this event, those interested must make a reservation in advance through the website of the event, in which you fill in a form with the session you want.

Completed the booking process, you will have to wait for a e-mail address and a text message confirmation of your booking, which must be submitted on the day of the event, to be able to enter the room.

Once inside, each participant will be asked to park the car in the indicated spot, tune to the frequency you specify, and you watch the movie it will just go away on a big screen.

The organization also notes that the parking spaces are going to be away from the security that will allow each vehicle to be far away from the others.

“One of the first steps to bring them to the future the idea of living in the context of the social distancing that is the case, you will be asked to all the participants of a preventive behavior, and responsible by following some of the rules of the event, based on the recommendation of the DGS”, to alert the management.

These rules provide that only vehicles can access the parking lot from the Drive-In for the Comic Con Portugal in the Sessions, and the number of people corresponding to the capacity of each vehicle.

You should be at 20, and during the course of the session, “it is strictly forbidden to get out of the car”. Access to the BATHROOM, “the participants must observe the rules of hygiene, and the use of a helmet mandatory.”