Exitoína · Kevin Hart should sue the driver of a serious accident in which he was the victim


The comedian and his wife are coming to Jared’s Black and his fiancée, who is a personal trainer of your loved one from the Hart

It seems that the Kevin Hart do not plan to sue the driver of a serious accident in which was involved.

According to TMZ, the actress has no intention of taking Jared’s Black on the court, even if it has been determined that the cause of the strike was reckless driving.

The sources of the website said that the Kevin love for Jared, and Rebecca, wife of the driver, it’s next to Eniko, the wife of Kevin. She is a personal trainer of your loved one Kevin.

Kevin is going to use it for your own health insurance to cover the costs of your treatment, and will not file a complaint with the insurance company, S to cover your medical bills and the cost of the Plymouth Baraccuda, in the 1970’s, it was a total loss in an accident.

Kevin, you did a surgery for three fractures in his back and is in intensive physical therapy, which results in high levels of pay.

++ Kevin Hart is processed in a US$ 60 million for the plan recording of a sexual relationship

Also, there is information on what Jared would come up with a cause of action against Kevin for not having a seat belt proper to the car. If it is to handle, there is a problem, because no one else in the car was wearing his seat belt.

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