Henry Cavill says that it could be The Witcher, and live out the character in the same year


Henry Cavill he was best known for his role in the most important, as the Supermanin the meantime, he wanted to follow the new ways, and to live in a new character, giving life to the witch Geralt of Riviain the series The Witcherthe Netflix.

As a result, many fans have begun to wonder if the actor would come back to live Clark Kent in cinema, as in the production of the series, it takes much more time than a movie. And for the happiness of all, and Cavill has given hope to the general public.

During a recent interview with the RadioTimesthe star has spoken about the future of the super hero.

“The independent film that I’ll be participating in, it is possible to fit two projects in the same year.

In addition to this, after many months of speculation, the director of the Zack Snyder finally, he confirmed that his version of the Justice league of america it will be released in 2021) in the service of the streaming HBO’s Max.

In accordance with the Snyderabout 90% of the content of the movie never made it to the theaters. Your version is a complete and inclusive account of the effects of visual completion. It would be a full plate for fans.

According to the The Hollywood Reporterhas not yet been decided if it will be released as a movie of almost four hours, and split into six episodes, but are Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder are in the midst of the performance of a large part of their production and post-production of the original. The team will be editing and adding new dialogue. With this, you are going to finish the visual effects of old and, perhaps, bring back a lot of the actors to record the dialogue further.