Here’s how to watch ALL the films in the X-Men in chronological order


For Luke, The Birth

It is raining in the wet, talk about the history of the X-Men is one of the most confusing and misleading to the cinema, and there is no one right way to make a 100% sense of it.

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However, we are doing our best to try and form a guide for the marathon of the X-Men franchise. Not necessarily for the better, but trying to cover all the events on the timeline.

Check it out below, and good luck.

X-Men: First Class

The title of the delivery, this is the first one in the list, and it makes sense to get it for him. Set in 1963, the story involves Charles Xavier’s know the Actions, and in the beginning of the school-men, in the midst of the conflict, the Cuban Missile Crisis of the Cold War.

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X-Men: Days of Future Forgotten (A)

Right now the game is more complicated than that. X-Men: Days of Future Forgotten in the mix of the two timelines of the franchise, being set in 1973 in order to continue in the event of a First-Class, and in 2023 for the continuation of the franchise, the original one. So, if you see the “half” in the past, it is possible to work out.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This film brings in elements that are difficult to be handled from any angle. It focuses on the story of Logan and in the process of Weapon X being set mainly in the mid-80’s. The gospel goes on to show Charles Xavier walking and bald, and finding the versions of young-of-Emma-Frost and Scott Summers.

The first film was released, and it starts in a more self-possessed. Set up in 2000, is the first film from the X-Men show, the meeting of Wolverine Professor Charles Xavier, one of the clashes, the most relevant, up against the Magnet.

3 years later, and the X-Men face a threat from the military of William Stryker, the man responsible for creating the adamantium claws of Wolverine in the late 80’s.

X-Men: The Last Stand

More than 3 years have passed and the X-Men to deal with the two matters of the utmost importance because of the advent of a cure to the mutant, which shares in the company, and the return of Jean Grey in the form of a vilanesca the Phoenix is the Sparrow. The film ends with the death of Charles Xavier, Cyclops, Jean, and Magneto lost his powers – or so it seemed.

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Wolverine: The Immortal

The second adventure in the soil of the Wolverine by Hugh Jackman, is a direct sequel to the events of The last stand. Mainly, because we see Him suffer and be depressed over the death of Jean Grey, setting out for an adventure in Japan. In the post-credits scene, it is revealed that Xavier is alive and Magneto has regained his powers, and to recruit Wolverine into more of an adventure.

X-Men: Days of Future Forgotten (B)

This is where we need the Days of Future Forgotten about, again. On the side, in the future, it becomes more and more relevant to continue with the event involving Wolverine, Xavier, Magneto, and the original X-Men from the first trilogy. As for this film to change the past, and it also creates a second timeline, which allows for the generation of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Set up in 1983, the film continues the events from the time line of the past, by putting the X-Men are facing in the villain’s power. The film once again brings out the Wolverine in a Weapon X, but is now finding it very briefly in X-Men, and it also introduces the idea that Jean Grey has already a force Together.

X-Men: Phoenix-Black / Black

In the new timeline, the X-Men are in, in 1992, working as a team after the events of the book of Revelation. His conclusion, as we are on a different line, going down a path that is different from that seen in X-Men: The Movie, Jean’s death and the retirements of Xavier in Genosha.

Jumping back to the future created by the events of Days of Future Forgotten, the track is a reality of desolate and bleak. Here, we have just aged Him, and a senile, Charles Xavier, who are struggling to survive in a future dystopian.

In the movies, Asgard is nothing to do with the timeline of the X-Men. After all, the mercenary, Ryan Reynolds, is living in a place where they are able to break down the fourth wall, and constantly made mention of the Fox, and the cast of the film. Therefore, you should not have to be taken into account in the timeline.