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Prince Andrew, who had always enjoyed the headlines in the year before a managed || Credits: Play

If the gossip is the one that crosses the seas, the best-in 2019, ranging from “a wife’s desperate,” that he wanted to meet the mother, and in the end it turned out poorly for the case of a star of the big screen that began to form in front of the whole world, and ended up paying a price as well on top of it. And as you mention it is a living, Glamurama takes advantage of that time to the end of the year to remind you of the 8 major bafões over the past twelve months. And, yes, you are a member of the royal family in the world’s most famous on the list… The names! (For The Anderson’s Market)

Actress Felicity Huffman || Credits: Play

In the prison, and the Golden Nymph at the

Who would have thought that Lynette Scavo in “Desperate Housewives,” would be capable of dishing out a US$ 15 billion (R$ 60.9 billion) is only to ensure that “the rules” of basic is the entry of his daughter into a good university in the United States. It was this that made Felicity Huffman, author of character in the former series, about the middle of march, when he came to be arrested for their involvement in a scheme to a national of a fraud, in the university in which he confessed to have been involved later on. The actress spent 11 days behind bars for that, and you should stay out of the spotlight until the dust has settled, which can take years, and this is the best.

Actor Jussie captain smollett || Credits: Play

The “if” Jussie captain smollett

And what you mean to Jussie captain smollett, which at the beginning of the year and earned the news for allegedly having been the victim of a homophobic attack, until it was discovered that the attack, in fact, may have been orchestrated by him? The Jamal Lyon from “Empire” will only be freed from prison because it has also signed an agreement on the type of “let’s-get-through-this-myself-and-not-if-he-longer-in this way” with the united states authorities, who withdrew the complaint a false allegation of assault against the actor in return for the payment of a fine and community service. But the empregão in the series of “the Fox,” I was already, you know?

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The tv presenter Gayle King and singer-R. Kelly – | | Credits: Play

The sex scandal involving R. Kelly

And in the news bafônico 2019, also played by R. Kelly, which isn’t exactly a stranger to controversy, but this year it outdid itself. In January, the american channel “Lifetime” has led to air a documentary series in six episodes about the many accusations of harassment and even sexual abuse, that for a number of years pursuing it, and that, at the time they gave to talk about it because there is a world of before and after of a #MeToo. Appointed to as a member of a sex cult, the “king of R&B” and it still made the gaffe, it’s a disagreement with Gayle King in the country, pointing out that the author is none other than the best friend of Oprah Winfrey. Oh, and he has been arrested twice in a span of a day not to pay the pension to the ex-wife.

The youtuber, James Charles || Credits: Play

“The betrayal” by James Charles

One of the biggest names in the YouTube influencer, James, Charles, was from heaven to hell in a year. Well-known for video tutorials for make-up that made him a superstar in the popular video sites, and also as one of the darlings of Anna Wintour, he has been involved in a beef of her mentor and ex-bff, and influencer Tati Westbrook, because of a notice posted on its account on Instagram back in may. It turns out that the product is promoted by a youtuber it was a vitamin, which is produced by the largest competitor in the Westbrook, which also has its own brand of add-ons, and then he saw it. The tragedy has cost the both of you the multiple contracts, and it has come to be covered by the New York Times as one of the largest in the history of social networking.

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Basketball player Tristan Thompson, and the reality tv star Khlóe Images || Credits: Play

The beef between the Khlóe Images, and Tristan Thompson

And where you have breath, you can bet that it has a Kardashian or a Jenner in the middle. In July, the sister who had caused it was Khloé Kardashian, and it’s all because of a love triangle in which she and her then-boyfriend, basketball player americnao Tristan Thompson, if they put. To recap: been together for at least two years, and is at odds ever since the rst “hello”, they had a daughter together in April 2018 at the latest, in February, it was revealed that during the pregnancy of the girl-athlete cheated on the reality star with Jordyn Woods, which, in turn, is (or was) the best friend of Kylie Jenner, half-sister Khloé. Was able to keep up? Yeah, I understand all too well what happened in between all of them. But, Khloé, and Thompson finished in a time just shortly after the scandal, while the youngest of the Jenners, I was more worried about being billion dollar.

Singer Taylor Swift and the product is the Scooter Braun || Credits: Play

The feud between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun.

A celebrity, the highest paid in the world by 2019 I could have saved a buck extra if you do not have lost a part of his book to an old foe. Yes, this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about, and the brouhaha she caused in July when she accused her former manager and present a greater foe, Scooter Braun, to make a profit of a few millions from the sale of the rights to music from the early albums, from her to the Universal Music Group. The numbers are big – the thing was about$ 300 million (Us$ 1,22 billion), and picking a fight with the judicial between the two of you that is still in operation in the u.s. courts. Braun claims to have received death threats because of the imbroglio, which is also expected to yield much in the news.

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson || Credits: Play

This statement by Scarlett Johansson…

Up to you, Scarlett Johansson? The Black Widow in “the Avengers: Deadline,” he said in an interview that he gave at the time of the launch of the world’s overproduction, and in April, who as an actress “if you believe in the right to interpret, to any person, any tree, any animal, because it is part of their job. Didn’t get any better, as the days before, she had been referred to as one of the favourites to play a transsexual in the film, which is still under development, which has drawn criticism from the gay and lesbian community, who really wanted to see a trans person to actually win the role. ScarJo has been forced to give up any equity in the project, in order to avoid a greater pain in the head and later said he was sorry for what he said.

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Prince Andrew || Credit Playing

“The footfall from the ball to the ‘real’ prince Andrew

No one has ever waited for much of anything by prince Andrew, after all he is only the third child of queen Elizabeth II and currently holds a distant eighth in the line of succession for the monarchy. It’s involved in a sex scandal that turned the case to the police in the United States, it is a short hop, and then some, and even more so when the parent is accused of having committed the worst of crimes, is a millionaire several times over who has committed suicide in the jail – elder Jeffrey Epstein, of whom Andrew was already true. The queen, who he loves, the father of princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, had no choice but to penalize the heir, who has always loved punching the headlines on the front of the whole world, and cut off his privileges, real, and pretty much the “putting out fires” for the royal family. And they say that the #AndrewGate you are just starting out, which indicates that in the year 2020, of Your Royal Highness, it will be even more hectic.