Jason Momoa will be the vampire’s next for Peter Dinklage


Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage are going to be attached to a new film series! Can you guess who is the vampire hunter Van Helsing?

There’s a new vampire movie in development, and the double-protagonist, is, at best, unlikely, and highly intriguing. The actors, Jason Momoa, and Peter Dinklage, who in the past few years have led to a furore for his characters on “Game of Thrones“, Khal Drogo, and Tyrion Lannister, respectively, are one of the great early names associated with the project, “the Good the Bad & Undead”.

The project, which is under the jurisdiction of the Disk, it looks to be a new approach to the world of vampires and their hunters, and will feature Jason Momoa as a vampire, and Peter Dinklage as Van Helsing, the legendary vampire hunter, that’s how we came to know about the history of the “Dracula” of Bram Stoker.

According to the synopsis released, the “Good, the Bad & Undead”, ” Van Helsing (Peter Dinklage) is just the latest in a long line of vampire hunters. The hunter develops a partnership is an atypical with a vampire (Jason Momoa), who has made a vow to never go back to kill him. Together, they create a sketch of the village in the village in which Van Helsing pretends to retire, and to kill the vampires that are threatening to the population in exchange for money. The plan is further complicated when it is put a bounty on Momoa, with all the monsters and magical beings in the pursuit.

The film will be directed by Max Barbakow (“Palm Springs”), and the argument is based on a story by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, the same one responsible for the “Freddy vs. Jason”, the latest version of the “Fridat the 13th”, “Baywatch” and the anticipated upcoming horror film from Sam Raimi. Dinklage and Momoa are also involved in the project as a producer.

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What do you think of the premise of the film?