Jennifer Aniston won the 2nd prize for the “The Morning Show”; the release of the “The Banker” gives rise to the most controversy –

After a barrage of news releases on the service, the week started off with some good news Apple TV+ and the other is not.

One of the productions, the most popular of the Apple“The Morning Show”) won the second prize. On the other hand, the giant from Cupertino is still fighting for the release of the film “The Banker”which had already been postponed.

Jennifer Aniston wins the SAG Awards

Yesterday (19/1) was the 26th edition of the The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awardsin the Los Angeles area. Once again, a few hands of the night, including the drama of the Apple TV+ “The Morning Show”.

As we reported in December of last year, the actress Jennifer Aniston (which takes on the role of Alex Levy) was competing in the category of Best Actress in a Drama Series. And for the happiness of Aniston’s (and Apple’s), and she came out to the event as the big winner.

Check out the speech, thanks to the actress:

With that “The Morning Show” builds up two awards: a Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (due to the action of the Billy Crudup how to Best Actor In A Supporting Roleand a The SAG Awards.

This is the first time that Aniston won in the category of The SAG Awards; their last win at the award ceremony in 1996 in the category of Best ensemble Cast in a Comedy Series with “Friends”.

Crudup and Steve Carrell they were also given to the The SAG Awards in the category of Outstanding lead Actor in a Drama Seriesbut the winner turned out to be the voice actor for Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones”).

The launch of the “The Banker”

The drama surrounding the release of the film “The Banker”the Apple TV+, continues: after Bernard Garrett, Jr. (the son of the banker, the person portrayed in the production), has been accused of sexual assault by two sisters, the Apple is alleged that these events took place outside of the narrative developed in the film.

As a result, the producers felt that it would proceed with the launch of the production, saying that “we feel that the film is a story of empowerment and courage”.

However, the sister of Garrett, Jr. (Linda Garrett and Kathy Ussery Garrett) will require the Apple to cancel the release of the film due to the fact that the production was “misleading” as it pertains to the story of his father, even if they are not participating in the long and they have not been involved in the production, as has been reported by the The Hollywood Reporter.

The story has been stolen and distorted in a way that it has affected the family. They are [a produção] include in the narrative.

Apple, however, has not backtracked on the decision to release the film on the day On march 6,. However, as a result of the pressure of the family, and the general public, the company has given a notice stating that it is “based on a true story” rather than a biopic.

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