Just as they were and as they are the ones who made it a part of the Harry Potter movies


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The world of Harry Potter, which is, of course, focuses on the life of a young boy, but his creator, J. K. Rowling, I also learned to highlight the variety of the girls and women he had met in his career, and that they were essential to the shaping of the world of the famous bruxinho. If you’ve been following the films inspired by the book, you’ll be happy to know where they are, the ones in the Harry Potter series.

Clémence Poesy

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The skin is Fleur Delacour, the stunning actress was the Academy of Magic Beauxbatons for the Triwizard Tournament, and won over the fans of the franchise.

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His involvement in the Harry Potter series has opened a lot of doors for ms clémence, who has made a number of films and tv shows, including starring in the hit show “The Tunnel”. The actress, today, is 37 years of age, and his most recent work has been in the French film “Demain Tout In”.

Afshan Azad

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Padma Patil, a character from the actress in the Harry Potter films, attended the School of Witchcraft and Hogwarts in the same year that the bruxinho.


She left her career as an actress and her personal life got more attention from his involvement in the film. In 2010, his brother, and his father was attacked because she was dating a man from a different religion.

Maggie Smith

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For the actress as she has given birth to Minerva McGonagall, one of the women, the stronger of the Pair. Long before his involvement in the Harry Potter films, her talent has already been recognized with two academy awards.

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He would be also well-known for the character of Violet Crawley in the series, “Downton Abbey”.

Julie Walters

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The other actress in the world-renowned cast of the Harry Potter series. In the film, she played Molly Weasley, who was a sort of mother figure to the bruxinho.

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The story has caused Her to gain a new fan base and helped them obtain papers and other successful films, such as “Mamma Mia!”, for example.

Helena Bonham Carter

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In the skin of Bellatrix Lestrange, the character first appeared as one of the characters in the most sadistic and violent of the Harry Potter series.

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Helena was already a name well-known to the public prior to participating in the film’s bruxinho, especially for his roles in the long-run by Tim Burton, with your ex-husband.

Bonnie Wright

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Ginny Weasley, played by Bonnie Wright, she was the only girl among her siblings, but this was less strong and no less funny. She is the main love interest for Harry, and with him at the end of the series.


What started out acting from a young age, but these days he works more behind the scenes. She is the proud owner of her own production company and has written and directed several short films.

Anna Shaffer

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The actress made her film debut in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, as a student, your Browser Vane, in “The half-blood Prince,” and reprised her role in the last two films in the franchise.


After taking part in more than 200 episodes of the soap opera to the british “Hollyoaks” She has appeared in numerous other tv shows and currently can be seen on the series “The Witcher”.

Scarlett Byrne

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In the Harry Potter series, the actress played Pansy Parkinson’s disease, is a kind of a short form of the story, that even attempted to deliver it to the bruxinho the Lord Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts.

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After the hit movie, Scarlett participated in a series of very popular ones, such as “Falling Skies,” and “The Vampire Diaries”.

Emma Watson

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Hermione Granger is, without a doubt, the female character’s most famous saga, the Harry Potter series. Emma Watson, she has become a source of inspiration to millions of young girls around the world.

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In addition to the have proven to be one of the most talented actresses of her generation, She is a great advocate for gender equality and the feminists are the most recognized in the world.

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