Kanye West presents Kim Kardashian with aes, Netflix, Apple and Amazon

The Rapper and the socialite's
The Rapper and the socialite’s only one of the couples talked about in the ukraine, the homeland of the united states. Photo: AFP/Play

Kanye West is one of the biggest names in the hip-hop culture in america, has given a gift to be unusual for his wife Kim Kardashian’s Christmas: a set of business initiatives is estimated to be US$ 200 billion. The information came from his own Images, which opened up the present in the Stories of the Instagram. She started out by opening a box, He say: “Ok, so for Christmas He gave me this box full of toys from Disney, buds of Apple, Netflix, and Amazon cards, and socks at Adidas, and it’s so sweet, thank you!!!”.

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However, later on, the manager turned to Instagram to report that the gifts were “something else”. “But, guys, I opened up the box, and are in stock. The actions of the Amazon, with the card, shares of Netflix, Apple stock, stuck in the earphones and they had stock of Adidas and Disney,” he said. The magazine People he made an estimate of the stock, and the amount could be as high as US$ 200 billion. The money came at a good time, after all, the couple is expecting a third child, it has to be born in the beginning of the year 2018.

The more recent work of Kanye West, it’s on the disc The life of Paulthat it has songs such as Famous – controversial because it suggests a sexual relationship with Taylor-Swift – and – Fade. The us gave you a break into the acting career after suffering from an attack of the nerves, and go through a hospital stay. Already, Kim’s still starring in the reality tv show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in addition to accumulating numerous projects.

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