Kevin Hart’s release from the hospital, and follow up with a treatment to physical therapy

The actor Kevin Hart he was released from the hospital on Wednesday morning, and 10, according to the news site TMZ. He should be heading to a clinic, a rehabilitation that specializes in physical therapy, in order to continue the treatment.

In an interview with the american site, to the wife of the actor, Eniko Parrish, had commented on the speedy and successful recovery of her husband. “It’s going to be okay, thank God. He is awake and talking,” said Eniko, two days after the incident.

Hart was admitted to the hospital for more than ten days, and he had to undergo a surgery on the spine to be out of the hospital. The actor’s 40-year-old, he suffered a serious car accident on the 1st of September. It I was on the Plymouth Barracuda 1970, when he lost control and went off the via Mulholland Highway, capotando, and falling from a height of four feet, in the dark.

Hart was out with a personal trainer, and his wife, Rebecca Broxterman – who had suffered mild injuries and her husband’s professional, Jared Black, who is driving the vehicle. Black suffered a serious injury to the spine, and had to be admitted to the hospital. Segundo to the police, he was not under the influence of any substance at the scene.