Kim Kardashian covers the burn and make the followers do not forgive!


A lot of people thought that it was a matter of strategy (not legally) in order to promote its line of make-up for your body

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian he answered the criticism about her make-up line of the body, a part of the brand KKW Beauty, remember? It is… And right now, we would have been involved in a new controversy. The reason why? Cover the sunburn with a product.

kim-kardashian-sunburn-sun-before-and-after - The before-and-after / posted by: Kim Kardashian

The before-and-after / posted by: Kim Kardashian (Instagram/Playback)

This Friday (26/7), and she shared it on Instagram with a video that shows the region of her very tan, and it is possible to see the tag on the shirt clearly. I like it. In the recording, it’s the girl explains that she didn’t know it would be so much time off, and because of this, he ended up not going with sunscreen. Hey, Kim!

And that’s when she decides to cover the burn with a base-line. With the help of an assistant, to do a make on the site, and the “delete” of the division, set up by the clothes.

In the comments a lot of followers criticised the attitude of the former, because they feel that it can be used in the case (or even if you burned them on purpose, according to some people) to promote their make-up, body.

“God, you get burned for advertising”, “Use sunscreen, don’t make up for the body,” “do Not leave make-up on to burn the sun”, “I’ll Bet you burned it on purpose to make a tutorial on how good it is, its make-up, to-the-body”, “Yes”, because they promote to their base, that is the most important of which is to promote a safe way to get out of the sun,” “Thanks be to God, it happened, but when you have to make up a body for spreading, and not before,” these are some of the messages written on them.



Nice! What do you think of the story? Best to Kim, don’t forget the sunscreen next time, right?

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