Kim Kardashian is currently studying to become a lawyer | Celebrity


The entrepreneur and star of the the reality tv showKim Kardashian West, revealed this on Wednesday in the journal She he is studying to be a lawyer, and what you want to do a review of the Lawyers ‘ association of north america in the year 2022.

Kim’s leading the way She in the Summer, the past, and in secret, began an internship program with a duration of four years at a law firm in san Francisco, Calif., where it is allowed to obtain a Law degree without being required to take a course at a university.

“I had to think a lot about it. I felt that he wanted to defend himself and to stand up for the people who have already paid their debt to society. I feel that the system could be very different, and I want to fight back, to transform it,” he said in an interview.

The entry of the american firm of attorneys, which coincides with the time that is involved in the release of ” Alice Johnson, who was sentenced to life in prison for a crime that was non-violent and connected with drug trafficking of cocaine. The disclosure to the public of the case for the entrepreneur, and the involvement of the same from president Donald Trump, made it possible for a woman to be out on the streets.

The tube on the Right, is the most well-known member of the clan Kardashian is closer to following in the footsteps of their father, Robert Kardashian, renowned lawyer who has defended football star O. J. Simpson, accused of killing two people, one of them was his wife, in 1995.