Lady Gaga has announced the date of release for “Chromatica”


Lady-Gaga - Stupid-Love

A few years ago, Lady Gaga he announced that it was postponing the release of his new album Chromaticainitially scheduled for the 10th of April.

Fortunately, the album turns out to reveal the new release date, and it is just around the corner! The album, which will have the appearances of names such as Elton John, Ariana Grande and, in the female group in K-Pop BLACKPINKnow it’s scheduled to arrive on the 29th of May.

The announcement came via Instagram’s official, and it’s worth noting that you can check out the first single “Stupid Love” and his clip was recorded with an iPhone.

Lady Gaga

In these days of the pandemic, Lady Gaga has been behind the curation of the festival Together at Homepossibly the biggest event that has happened during the current crisis in health care in the world. She helped us put together the line-up that included names such as Paul McCartney and Eddie Vedderas well as Elton John.

The singer, incidentally, it was during a performance of pearl jam and Billie Joe Armstrong. You can relive the event in its entirety, by means of a collection has already been released.

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