Millie Bobby Brown, he was afraid to go to school because of bullying


Millie Bobby Brown has revealed, during a speech in New York that she was afraid to go to school and suffer bullying from their peers.

The stunning actress for 15 years and spoke about how it felt to the helpless, and the one that was supposed to be a safe and secure place, while he gave his speech during the summit by Unicef, on the rights of the child in the World Children’s Day, celebrated on the 20th of November and the UN Summit To Demand the Rights for Every Child On World Children’s Day, Wednesday, in New York city.

She and David Beckham are the ambassadors of goodwill by Unicef.

The star of Stranger Things, he said: “I Am proud to add my voice to those around the world who are asking for solutions to the problems of today, such as bullying, access to education, and raising awareness of mental health, suicide prevention, and climate change. In the capitals of the world, in the city, such as this one, the adults are talking about the rights of the child. But today, people don’t want to talk to them. They want to talk about. In the words of one young person: ‘they Are all active. Don’t let all the things pass by unnoticed’. So, today I want to talk about something very personal to me. Something that sometimes goes unnoticed, but causes a real suffering. Bullying. As David (Beckham) and I have had a lot of luck in life. I’m not going to take it as if it were a given. But you also know what it’s like to feel vulnerable. In high school I suffered from bullying. I remember feeling helpless. The school is a safe place. Now I’m afraid to go back there,” he said.

But the teen assured her that if she feels very fortunate to have good support around you, and you said that you are going to continue to speak in defense of those who are ‘fighting the darkness’.

“I’ve been lucky. With the help of my friends, family, and the people around me, I managed to overcome those negative thoughts, and I got my power back on. But tens of thousands of children are not so lucky. They are still struggling in the dark. Battling with your fear. Their insecurity. Bullying and threats are never harmless. You are never just words. It puts the mental health of at-risk children. The cause of stress. And, in extreme cases, in areas of the world where conflict and violence are a threat to daily, it can lead to self-harm. Disease. Even to commit suicide. In my role as an Ambassador of Good Will, and I’m going to continue talking about this wherever I go. Each and every one of you, it may be the built-in microphone that makes their voice in the change. In politics, programs, laws, and investments that will keep the kids safe. It makes our world a better place, the healthy, the strong, all,” the actress said.