SIC Notícias | Projects and the program’s Culture in order to keep being funded


Aministra of a Culture that denied this Monday that the projects funded by the program for Culture and for Everyone to be affected, resulting in the creation of a new credit line of 30 million euros for the municipalities to use in a cultural program.

“When it is said that there are projects that were being funded, and they’re not going to be that’s not true,” said the minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca, speaking to journalists at the ajuda National Palace, which now houses the ministry, after having received a panel of professionals in the industry today here, went on a protest action.

The prime minister announced on Friday the creation of a line of credit in the amount of 30 million euros for the municipalities to use in a cultural program.

On the same day, the Network – Association of Structures for Contemporary Dance has warned that “the part of the bank’s affects to this line of support must come from the “re-programming under the european union programme Culture for All that it was supposed to start in September in the regions of Norte, Centro and Alentejo”.

Culture for All, provides for the financing of the project, within the framework of the Operational Programmes in the Uk to 2020, as presented by public authorities, local or central government, as well as a private, not-for-profit, as identified in the Agreements for the Development and Territorial Cohesion”, supported by the Communities and Municipal (CIM) and the Metropolitan Areas of Porto and Lisbon, portugal.Grace Fonseca reminded that this is a “program” that has been in the past, and it has more of a focus on social inclusion” and is intended “to provide financial support for cultural projects whose beneficiaries are of the CIM”.

“Anyone who is a party to, and, if the applicant is not the structures of art, they are in the CIM, in a natural way with a structure of artists who have built a project,” he said.According to the minister of Culture, “some of the CIM reported to the respective Committees of the co-Ordination of Regional projects which were presented were not feasible (…). The project, in the Alentejo, where the Network refers to it was the ICM that you have given up on the project. And when the ICM is withdrawing from the project, in the framework of the operational programme, which is designed for the ICM, the rules are very clear. If the ICM is withdrawing from the project, it can’t be done,” he said.

According to Graça Fonseca, “all of the projects that the mscs are applied to the Culture to which they are applicable, or that they, themselves, have not given up, they hold each other.”

“All of those who are not in work, for reasons that are referred to, or the CIM have to understand that there are no conditions to meet, it is not to be done,” he said.

With regard to the “notice of the Cultural Programming for the Network, announced on Friday by the prime minister, “for the benefit of the artistic structures, the opposite of the Culture for Everyone.”

“This means that any structure, artistic in many different areas through municipalities, to provide the financing, development projects, cultural and artistic,” said Graça Fonseca, adding that this is a warning, it’s much more flexible, much quicker, for the structures and art, to cultural programming, and it allows you to, quickly, get into the territory of the projects that will be funded by this announcement”.

The “notice of the Cultural Programming for the Network, it is being worked on by the minister for Territorial Cohesion, with the CCDR in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, in order to be able to open at the beginning of June, all over the country.

On Friday, the association’s Access to Culture, he asked for the involvement of the cultural sector in “any review of the implementation of the funding program” Culture for All, taking place in the North, Centre and Alentejo regions.In a letter sent to the CCDR, the CIM and the Regional directorates of Culture in the North, Centre and Alentejo regions, to which we had access, ” the association said it had received “with great concern” the information on a possible transfer of the funds from the program’s Culture, and to All the other areas, due to the crisis of pandemic influenza”.

While recognising that the Uk has a “relatively poor performance in the execution of the funds from the community, to the Culture called “reflections” and “the involvement of civil society in these processes”.

The main concerns are the guidelines to the effect that the “funds have not yet been completed or committed, they are to be used to cope with the impact of the crisis and to be implemented as quickly as possible,” reads the letter to the association, for which it is crucial not to secundarizar projects that are designed to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and specific needs”, in particular in the context of “that reinforces their exclusion.