Sophie Turner, a Sansa de Game of Thrones, the struggle against the winter, then again in the trailer from another century’s episode


To Survive. (Source: Reproduction)
To Survive. (Source: Reproduction)

The star of the Game of Thrones, Sophie Turnerwho lived in the Sansa to Star in a series of HBO, you will have to fight more in the winter time for your next display on the small screen.

The actress stars in on the side of the Corey Hawkins the series Another century’s episodethe streaming Quibiand, as the trailer for the full reveal, and she will be surrounded once again by a great danger, and the snow on this show.

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Sophie Turner is, she was wandering around in vault, and shows the belly of a pregnant woman

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Alex Morelbeing led by the Mark Pellington and it’s written by a Richard Slaughter and By Jeremy Ungar. It is being promoted as one of theMovies by Chapters” the Quibi, which means that every episode will be longer than 10 minutes.

Another century’s episode will be released on the 6th of April. Check out the trailer, d the new series, Sophie Turner, as below:

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