The foundation of Cameron Boyce will celebrate the birthday of the actor in the best possible way


The established is created in honor of the actor Cameron Boyce will you be celebrating the birthday of an actor who would have been 21 years old on the 28th of may, in a way, that is, to be sure, it was going to be very happy!!!

The ad is ugly, for family and friends, Karan Brar and Sophie Reynoldsthe The Cameron Is A Foundation found that is to raise funds to end gun violence and to help in the research for the cure of epilepsy, a disease which has led to the death of the actor, in July of 2019, and in the cia, his birthday, the 28th, next Wednesday, they’re going to be an honor guard.

“This is Thursday, it would be the anniversary of 21-year-old, of No. In his honor, we hope to raise 50 thousand dollars for an end to gun violence, and to cure epilepsy. All you can do is support them, and we know that Cameron will enjoy. After you donate, check us out! We hope to see all of the love and support of a very special day. Be on the lookout for a exciting birthday surprise, and will arrive on Thursday as well. We are very grateful to you all for your support and we hope to reach our goal with you!!! can️ ” he wrote to the foundation on Instagram.

More than 10 thousand dollars have been collected so far only on the first day. And in order to help this amazing cause, simply go to the website of The Cameron Is A Foundation to make a donation.

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