The series ‘Express of the future” is released on Netflix


The new seriesThe express of to-Morrow“he was thrown into the Netflix and it promises a lot of innovation! On the basis of a Sort of French ” Le Transperceneige (or Perfuraneve and its future, dystopian, the book now has its first episode released, and will have new postings on a weekly basis.

The work was first released as a film in 2013 under the direction of the director Bong Joon Ho (the Parasite), with an ensemble cast and so much more. In the current series, the Series mixes the world of the film, of a Sort, for his composition, and he promises to innovate on the platform of the internet.

The new episodes will be released every Monday, the climate of the united states but with a focus on the survival of your character. A season is confirmed, and with a cast composed by Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Mickey Sumner, among others.

The plot of the Series, the series, which is defined as follows: “The Ground has frozen. The last survivors live on a train that travels around the world, and will strive to keep the complex co-existence of the board. In the series, the first two episodes is an exercise in strategy between the players.

The streaming service wants to make “the Express said,” one of the highlights in the year 2020, and the early reviews for the two episodes that were already released are coming out on the specialized web sites. But in the Rotten Tomatoes in the analysis, they are more likely than older people, with 63% of the Tomatômetro 60 reviews from the critics and 75% of the scores to the public on 67 users.