Works by artists from Lady Gaga to Freddie Mercury, and Elton John, among others, can be viewed on the virtual exhibition free of charge


In the notepad, the cell phone, it has the shapes again, and fills them with bright colours. Then, to be able to bring the creations to the other screen, cotton, ink, and brushes. The project is A “finger-of-the-art”, the artist Diego Moura, has been gaining notoriety across Brazil and around the world — he is the one who has portrayed one of the winners of Big Brother Brazil-20”, Thelma, Assisi, on the front cover of the magazine’s Extra Channel on the 3rd of may. Now, during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and the visibility of the artist’s work niteroiense has gained even more obvious: it has developed a virtual exhibition to be enjoyed, free of charge, from anywhere in the world via the internet.

This year, I had to change my whole strategy for the dissemination of my work, and to review the exhibits that were in progress and were scheduled for the second half of the year. Unfortunately, the world has been caught off-guard by an illness that has completely changed the way we live. But how can you live with all this avalanche of sad news, but necessary? I understand that in the arts, in addition to being a tool for reflection, it also is a conduit to happiness. For this reason, I have dedicated myself to in the last month of exposure to a virtual free for all for people to be able to have this moment of peace and reflection, ” says the artist, 30 years of age.

Diego builds on the works, on the phone, and then paints on the canvas of cotton,
Diego builds on the works, on the phone, and then paints on the canvas of a cotton Photo by: Lucas Benevides and publication

Among the 23 works on display are the arts well-known to the general public, such as the work of “Novel” and was inspired by singer Lady Gaga, who has already shared and manisfestou the desire to purchase the artist’s work. Another painting that stands out is the “man in Brooklyn”, which is created by Moura, on one of his trips to New York city. The picture was exposed for the first time in 2019 at the latest, at the exhibition of “One-finger-of-the-art — Of-digital-organic”, at Shopping Campo Limpo, in the South Area of São Paulo, under the curatorship of William Lodi.

Before the financial crisis of the new coronavirus to blow up in the country, and Diego were on display with two exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, with an in-Vogue Square Gallery, which is in Barra da Tijuca, and on the other, the higher, at the Gallery de La Salle, in the neighborhood of the city of Santa Rosa, on the rio-Niterói bridge. As the visit was cancelled, the artist, and the co-ordination of art, La Salle, they decided to exhibit their art in a virtual space, which is open to all:

— You simply need to click on the link that’s in my bio on the Instagram and then it will forward the traffic to the virtual space, where they are exposed to the art of the show: “A touch of art to The world of the pop surreal / digital”. I understand the importance of visitation and face-to-face, and this close contact with the ground. But we are in a very difficult time, and that’s where the tectonologia you can give us a helping hand.

The cover of the Channel is an additional image of Thelma Assisi, the champion of the “WEEK 20”, designed by Diego Moura
The cover of the Channel is an additional image of Thelma Assisi, the champion of the “WEEK 20”, designed by Diego Moura (Photo: Reproduction

These works have drawn attention to an ever-growing number of youth, account for a community.

— When you ask me what is the significance of my work, I think it’s in the thousands of young people, my art is drawn by the color, the shape, and especially a technical one. In this way, what he saw as the creation of a conventional will also have encouraged others to dare in your own creations. I’m invited constantly to speak to the students, who range from elementary school to high school. I have an exchange, a large and a link with the public. I feel I understand the needs of these young people have to be an artist on the arts, and to be able to engage in dialogue with them, says the artist, who takes advantage of his contact with the young people, and especially children, in order to submit an application to the education-of-the-art.

In addition to providing the small to the primary colors, and a few traces of the fine arts, the artist is planning to direct a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the game to the day-care center, community Macadeski, in Sao Goncalo, Metropolitan Region of Rio.