Yes, Emilia Clarke, at the foot of the end-of-Game-of-Thrones looks good


It premiered on Thursday (5), the one that promised to be a new classic for the holiday season. Is called the “Last Christmas” and it’s led by the charismatic and talented Emilia Clarkewho is the queen of the dragons passes the paper to the elf. The more-or-less.

I already have a statement of intent: I have to Admit that I am easily swayed by the plans, framed by the light of the flash and film photography in a warm, wood-burning fireplaces, the burning messages and diagnosis day.the, this time as a family. Because of this, I went to the cinema with the desire to be like the one in this film.

“Last Christmas” he begins by announcing, after a few minutes, with your inspiration, George Michael, described as a genius misunderstood by the protagonist, Katharina (whatever you call it she is a big fan of the singer). You don’t understand what is the relationship of this statement with the reality, taking into account the world-wide success in the uk. But, other than to say it is inspired by the singer-songwriter and musician, the film doesn’t make you any more will not be inserted, in an additive way, the subjects of it into the band’s sound.

Emilia Clarke take a firm hold, and with the charisma that he is known, play a major role in that it is not easy, given the fact that Kate is the main character with all the qualities that are most evident. Self-centered, always focusing on their own issues, it’s difficult to put yourself in the shoes of the other. The film ends as it had to be, to move forward to a path of redemption, where the protagonist’s attempts to correct its own mistakes, and to take advantage of the life.

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Katharina, the daughter of a family group who had fled the war towards the United Kingdom, he had to go through a heart transplant in order to survive. And, in a way, it’s too much attention to the family, just to make it more and more and more eager for attention, and incapable of solving their own problems. Even in the midst of his days working in the shop for decorations and toys for Christmas, disguised as an elf, appears, Tone,Henry Golding). This is a charming asia, which will trip at different times of anguish and doubt. It’s as if it’s a cool speaker with a love interest, who works as a voice extra in the consciousness of the main character to find a course that is more healthy. Nothing patronizing, that is. Oh, and if you saw it Youthe Netflixalso, should you have found that it shows up in all the “by chance” was a slightly disturbing.

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The film’s unexpected doesn’t stop there, and will also appear in the spaces on the list. Taken to absurdity about a Brexit, under the guise of the protagonist comes from a family of immigrants, and to deal poorly with their own cultural heritage, as well as references to the high value of the rents in London are thrown in to the crazy to the inside of the film, but it does not cause any consequence or discussion. It must be the only one to say that the film is a sensitive, socially-and see what happens in 2019 at the latest.

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“Last Christmas” it is, however, a work that seems to be the only one to say that, yes, it was a Christmas movie. It has a budget larger than those of the films of the Hallmark they have managed to move on to the Family Lifeand it shows in the quality of the conduct, of the beauty of the plans, or by having actors such as Emma Thompson in the cast. The actress, who also signs the script, which offers some of the most hilarious bits of the film, in spite of having a character who is just a caricature.

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