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In the world of his Gogosian (Photo: playback)

Pop culture serves as a support for the criticism in the world of art in the form of a lack-of-profile ” (Photo: playback)

This is a profile of a loser I wanted to be at all the events, artsy, or you don’t. In 2018, someone has created an account on Instagram with your name Jerry Gogosian and he began the report with a long chapter on the dynamics of power in the art world, by creating for the ios platform, combining a healthy dose of pop culture with the realities that are so tight (no pun intended, with the art movement down here!) you are hilarious. But, the mystery is over : the journalist didn’t understand the magic of the anonymous and free of jokes and revealing at the website Artnet, which help Hilde and Lynn Helphenstein, the owner of the gallery, Hilde in the Los Angeles area. “But everyone else in the world of art, Jerry, Gogosian. It’s not about me…. Are you a Jerry, Gogosian,” said Jerry (not Hilde), in an exclusive interview for the IN the first his identity is revealed. To account for 73.6 thousand followers, that is powered by the gallery owners snobs; galerinas (the young and the well-born, who are working in the galleries), which are at the basis of the alcohol and the drugs, artists on the crisis of culture; collectors, who fill their empty inner in with the “good works of art that are not only “the great artifacts of the decor, but for a good cause”; the curators who write the texts that no one else understands, and art advisors the guy’s dick asking for discounts of up to 45%.

+Level of activism that is highly valued in the market, in the current art
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+6 the profile of visual art, which bombam on Instagram

They all began to laugh at themselves and the game of power of which they are a part of it. “The only inventory that I have for this part of the corona that was the Rivotril,” he stated in a galerina on the phone proving that Jerry doesn’t. “I’ve been in the art world for the past eight years, and I never knew what I loved: – the art of the melodrama behind the scenes. These are things that are real. I’m attempting to make a joke. You just have to open my e-mails, go to an exhibition, or a visit to a private collection,” he says.

The profile is, in fact, started out as a therapeutic measure. He wanted to laugh with the members of the tribe, not just the clichés, habits and disasters for the environment, but also in situations that border on the ridiculous, as is the need to be dressed in black, wearing sunglasses indoors, or the desperation, to be invited to a dinner party. “The humor, it speaks the truth: emotionally, this is the most powerful weapon we have,” he said. In time, it is necessary to be inserted in the middle to catch many of the jokes. Recently, for example, Jerry’s posted a picture of the actress Renee Zellweger wrapped up in a blanket and eating something very caloric with the phrase, “selling out our ‘virtual exhibition’ at the gallery and online” just means anyone who is part of the desperation of the galerinas to sell the art at the time of a pandemic. “I love it when Jerry is in the bingo, he proposes that we look for in the markets of the-art items, such as shoe, fashion and Leonardo DiCaprio, who always walks through the halls in disguise. Those who are able to find all the items you do in bingo,” says to the laughter of the gallery owner Antonia Bergamin.

The name you have chosen is a mix of the two superpoderosos on the market-and the art critic Jerry Saltz and gallery owner Larry Gagosian, who has under his or her umbrella-with artists such as Richard Prince; Chris Burden, Jeff Koons, and Jonas Wood, the last of them a repeated target for the instagrammer for your rising flash of lightning. It is obvious that the obsession is with Jerry, and Larry is due to the fact that both of you have the power to determine the narrative of the official contemporary art world. But the relationship with the gallery owner is the most intimate: “I was at the Gagosian in san Francisco, and Larry brought them back to the forefront all of the issues with my father, not in the real world. This is a man who is not in love with anything. I was quite stirred by it, because it was challenging and at the same time, it’s fascinating. When I opened my gallery, I have written an e-mail thanking them for the experience and to tell you that I had created. I wish that he would recognize them as someone in your direct lineage, and, of course, he never answered,” he says.

The other obsession? Klaus Biesenbach, chief curator of the museum of modern art in New York city – so he doesn’t miss the fun when it comes to the visual botocado, or a falsehood in the face of figures of interest, such as the duke and duchess of Sussex, and Harry, and Meghan.

But the dealers are the main targets of his satire, particularly in the galerinas are represented by the Olsen twins, Zoe, or Chloe, it always oscillates between the despair at the close of a sale to a collector, and snobbery to those that don’t belong to a “club” or you don’t look rich. “Art and money is a marriage, and a necessary, but unfortunate, that it will never make sense of it. In the hierarchy, and the complexity of it and the money it brings, something that is supposed to be a pure expressive power, can be just as charming and off-putting,” he says. He adds: “the Whole of the gallery, you have a Zoe or Chloe. Generally, they have a keen sense of style is awesome, keep house, and work too little, and they do a lot of gossip,” if you have fun. A song is ironic, but it no longer is a grain of truth to this, heavy that it cries out for therapy. It’s no coincidence that Jerry is going to release this month on the podcast, Unlicensed, Art Therapy, in which his followers are invited to send audio files from the voice of anonymous, their fears artsy, which he has promised to answer.

Even though you have chosen a name for the male, Jerry, is critical of the conditions of the environment, and expresses attitudes, macho-with irony.”I’m sick and tired of this awakening, the false-right now, in which the white male narcissists, gave permission to the women to save space, since it will be good for your bank account of them,” he claimed.

The complaint and with good humor, there is nothing new under the art research, David Shrigley, and Pablo Helguera, to laugh a lot – and in the latter as well, including a very prized in the middle (hello, Banksy!), but the mysterious identity of Jerry upset her. Perhaps due to the fact that his jokes have real consequences: it is said that after he posted the pictures of the entourages huge party with the words “the directors of Hauser and Wirth, arriving silently in Basel, the shareholders and founders of the prestigious the gallery, began to have only officers that are local to each fair.

After having his identity revealed to you, Hilde (in the flesh) has come to be verbally abused at a party and he confessed: “I Feel exposed and vulnerable, because I’m a professional that is circulating in the market. To reveal my identity, took out a part of the magic of Jerry, Gogosian,” he said. But the main character is a dog, Jerry, is more active than ever before, and creating, for this year, for a number of years and more and more products, such as the jacket, with the phrase, “I am Jerry, Gogosian”, available on their website. “Someone said to me that I give her to the world of art, and the embrace at the same time. I’ve heard rumors that the planners of the environment are affected by what I post, and I thank you. This means that they are human beings.”

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