Camila Cabello singing “My Oh My” and “la Havana” at the Global Awards


Camila Cabello has opened up to the Global Awards, in London, england, on Thursday (5/3) with a live performance of the song “My Oh My” album, “a love story”. The presentation was followed with the costumes, the choreography, and the color of the performance, which she had made by Jimmy Fallon in the United States for the past several months.

In the Overall Awards, but the rapper DaBaby was not present to do their part. She performed with the ballet dancers. And then: “My Oh My”, Camila Cabello avoided by another performance – this time for the “Havana,” his first hit in the world. Here’s the video:

“My Oh My” is the new focus for the dissemination of the album, “a love story”. The song is the 12 weeks on the chart and the british, in the update last week, climbed from 19th to 16th place. His best position is up until now, it was on the 13th.