Dylan O’brien’s turn to Twitter to make a joke hilarious, with Halsey


We know that Dylan O’brien it is not a very big fan of social networks and rarely makes an appearance. However, when it comes to games, he doesn’t think twice about returning it to the media, so to speak. He also took the opportunity to answer a question that all of us had, including Halsey.

It all started when a quote from the singer in 2015, saying that he had seen the Originals in the wrong forum. [Rindo mas com respeito]. At the time of giving credit to the producer, and Dylan Bauld for his debut album, in the time she has given to the actor by mistake.

“I just realized that I chose Dylan O’brien in a tweet, at the time of Dylan William. “I’m sorry, Dylan. (5 years later),” he wrote in the voice of a Manic.

What she doesn’t expect is that, after a couple of hours, the former star of the MTV responded to the request for an apology.

“All this time I thought that he was a teacher of the truth, after all,” he said, on the side of the gif that you used to say I was wrong.

A short time later, Halsey replied back and started up a conversation with the young man.

“No, no, no. You were right. I don’t know exactly… but I’m pretty sure you’re right,” joked she.

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