Exitoína · Rise And Shine! Kylie Jenner hits record with 1 billion page views of a meme in the app, TikTok


The video with the words on it to a celebrity to sing at the daughter’s viralizou in the network and the business already created the products with the staff

Kylie Jenner “you broke the internet once again. The meme, in which she sings Rise and Shine – Get up and glow in the translation of free – hit on the record, such as a hashtag to reach more quickly, to 1 billion page views in the app Tik Tokthat allows you to create and share short video clips.

The meme came from a video that was posted by a celebrity on YouTube, where she does a tour around the office of her cosmetics brand, for the Case with Cosmetics in Los Angeles, and it soon became viral and the song in the short clip to his daughter, Stormi, from the age of 1 year.

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According to the newspaper The Mirror4 million views on the hashtag #RiseAndShine have been registered on the platform, on the day on which the material is in a fully released in YouTube. Two days later, the hashtag had already had about 70 million views and, at the end of last week, nearly 1 billion page views, with the hashtag have been shared on the network.

As an entrepreneur, a strategist, Has not lost in time, and, according to the The E!Newsthe celebrity, that already has the expression and has already launched a product with the phrase on the products, to its brand names, such as hoodies,dresses, shoes, and also the brand name of the cosmetic.

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The expression, after Effects has become a sensation on the internet, and even small, Stormi out and asked for a remixed version of the song.

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