Exitoína · Selena Gomez, Halsey, Ruby, Rose, and other artists to support them ” – Taylor Swift (against the Scooter Braun.

Gigi Hadid and Lily Allen, also spoke on the matter on their social networks

After the outburst, made by the Taylor Swift did it on the Thursday night (the 14th) of the business owners Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetawho owns the rights to your documents, musical, old, they are prohibiting her to sing her own songs at the awards, American Music Awards, many artists have expressed their support for the singer.

Selena Gomezone of the best friends of the singer, released a statement on her Instagram Stories), where he said that he was with “a heavy heart” and “very angry”.

“It’s the greedy, manipulator, and[[on]power. There’s no heart or thought for anyone else. There is no respect for the words that she writes since she was 14 years old, in his room,” he wrote. “You stole it, and destroyed it[[the chance of a]one of the best compositoras of our time to celebrate all of their music with their fans, and the world,” comepletou.

It’s even said that he knows that Taylor is 13 years old and she is the most dedicated, courageous, determined, and strong woman she’s ever met. “People can say ‘bitch’, but what I am saying to you is that as soon as you call a woman with true identity and the power that it does not accept the m***,” he said.

“I have heard of the Fearless before it was released and I remember people jumping up on the bed, and she was just glowing, so proud of her journal to be read by the whole world. The nerve of people who don’t like it…But it has become one of the greatest albums, and an album, which saved us a lot of young women who felt that they were alone,” he said.

“[…] I continued to watch as she constantly challenged him to create a wonderful life that belonged only to her. So, I can tell you that the most important thing for you to Taylor’s family, her love, her fans and her music. I really, really hope it will happen a change in this unfortunate situation,” he said.

She has also completed desabafando the worst feelings is to watch your best friend being put down. “Taylor’s the struggle. It will never cease to fight. They grow in making the right choices. Some will stay the same. I just want a change. I love you,” it finished.

Credit: Instagram

The singer Halsey also, you left your words on your profile, in a tone of strong criticism of the behaviour of the entrepreneurs. “Not only are we looking at a very bad move for business because you would be required to allow Taylor to present his music, as this would direct to the discovery of a book of which, currently, they benefit from it?), but, that’s just cruel, it’s a punishment,” he wrote.

“It is expected to silence it, to talk about things, and waving it above his head. These people are protected because they inspire you being afraid,” she said.

“Based on the illusion that we, the people, not the will. What in the world will tell you that she is doing. You are barking at the wrong tree. It is his grace and patience in those moments, that make for the Artist of the Decade,” he said.

Credit: Instagram

Lily Allen demonstrated support of the repost of the text from Taylor on her Twitter account and cited the movement to #MeToo. “Soliedariade with Taylor on here, it sounds terrible, and people wonder why the music didn’t have a movement #MeToo?”, it was questioned.

The actress Ruby Rose also, he shared with the statements above. On his Instagram Stories, it was short, but he left his address. “This is not a good thing,” he wrote.

The model Gigi Hadidalso a close friend of Taylor’s, I would also like to call in to your Twitter profile. “Scott and Scooter, do you know what is the right thing to do,” he wrote. “Taylor and her fans deserve to celebrate the music,” he said.

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Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and artists-who have Scooter Braun as his manager, it has not yet expressed an opinion on the matter, even after the application of the Taylor’s, so that they will help you with this.

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